Don’t snob out guys

It’s all very well to want a beautiful home, but we can’t all go out and shop the beautiful shops to fill it. Even if we won Lotto overnight, I still wouldn’t run out and clear the shop floors of my favourites. I don’t want it all looking very catalogue/collection matchy matchy: it’s just too perfect then, and people can’t relax. I definitely have my favourite homeware brands (Citta Design, Let Liv, Country Road, Freedom to name a few) but cheap and cheerful is absolutely integrated in every room.

By cheap and cheerful I mean Op Shop, Hospice Shop and Trade Me Treasures combined with the mainstream stores. If you look past the bulk on offer, The Warehouse, Briscoes, K-Mart and even good ol’ Countdown can offer real gems. I’ll share my treasure hunts with you as I go. Share the love!

Shop: The Warehouse

Price: $60 for two, but on sale at the moment for $22 each!

Thoughts: “Who is the new buyer at The Warehouse?” was exactly my thought. These were perfect to add some geo love into our playroom, The extensive dress-up collection was driving me absolutely crazy, it was so hard to control and the kids were truly pants at putting it all away. I had high hopes for these as dress-up storage and have not been disappointed. So easy to tidy up that the kids actually do it it now (win!), plus they are stylish enough to make me happy too. Other uses could be front door shoe storage, laundry hamper, sports gear, blankets, toys. Great colours, shades of pink and a yellow/green as well as the scandi black white & grey I chose for our black playroom.

On the shelf:                                                                                                             In the home: 


dont snob out













Shop: The Warehouse

Price: $12

Thoughts: Awful fake wooden engineered lid (but with an excellent seal!). Designed as an air-tight canister, but biffed the lid and re-purposed as a high-lidded dish for the hallway table. I find all sorts of treasures in there…teacher’s sticker’s, keys, security cards. It’s a beautiful catch-all and for $12 you can’t go wrong.

On the shelf:                                                                                                            In the home: 



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