Welcome to your new source of DIY inspiration

Welcome to House of Ralph you lot! I’m so thrilled to finally throw open the doors.

My love of DIY is genetic. Dad renovated a villa from scratch: re-hanging old fashioned sash windows and all. The man is a legend! I however am not a DIY legend. My thing is simple improvements with high impact, done on the cheap. They have to be. Mr House of Ralph is always saying things like “This is a brand new house Anna, No. A herringbone slat wall installed from old villa weatherboards is not essential”. 

Ahhhh Mr House of Ralph. How wrong you are. Kind of. We’ve added plenty of DIY’s to bring character to our spec home. The DIY’s we’ve done are not structural, it’s just the ‘pretty layers’ (otherwise known as the easy jobs). I’ve documented everything we’ve done and will be updating this page regularly with the new How-To’s,  so definitely keep checking back.

House of Ralph DIY How-To’s:

Click on the links below for quick instructions on how to get ’em done.

Make a geometric noticeboard

Get rid of ugly varnish on second-hand furniture

Build an A Frame Play Tent

Paint wide horizontal stripes on walls

Make fabric-covered light switches

Glam up your wooden spoons with some paint dipping

Make string letters for some personalised decor

DIY How-To’s Coming your way soon:

Soon you’ll have a fancy DIY page with a whole new digital library of DIY projects to inspire you. I’ve documented everything we’ve done to-date,  so come back soon for simple how-to’s on projects like: making and installing minimalist coat hooks, painting a geometric tray, making a desk from a bog-standard modern interior door, doing a magnetic blackboard wall, refreshing a wooden headboard (complete with how to treat borer, fill, sand paint and attach to bed), how to make a fabric headboard with a spare sheet, rain gutter bookshelves for the kids, re-painting old furniture do’s and don’ts, dining table re-do, custom playroom storage, how to hang a vintage plate display,  how to make a wallpaper tree (parenting driven – otherwise known as “mum and dad’s kindness tree to promote good sibling relations”, magnetic gold letters,  displaying kids art, making art from tea-towels, refurbishing kids table and chairs and making bunting out of an old Golden Book…to name but a few! I’ve got plenty more “To-Do’s” to tick of my list in the room-by-room House Tour too. Mr House of Ralph is sooooo excited.

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