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I’m a long-time fan of sourcing furniture second-hand and giving it a new lease of life. Dad taught me the beauty of old craftsmanship: the dovetail joins, the beautiful wood grains, the intricate measurements without any need for metal drawer runners, the materials that last for generations. The ‘green factor’ of reducing waste by re-using something appeals, and if I’m truly honest –  the smug factor rates too: the satisfaction of turning something previously unwanted into something beautiful. If everything is store-brought and collection specific, it can all look too matchy-matchy perfect. I prefer a bit of personality and history mixed in with some new furniture deliciousness.  My re-do’s have been pretty simple, but I can still appreciate how much effort these projects take. When a colleague made me aware of Revised Edition I was blown away. Check out what the very clever Nikki does, by clicking through the images below. Impressed? Yeah, me too. So, I contacted Nikki  (like a random fan) and asked her a few questions. She was lovely enough to indulge me, so after you’ve taken in her pictures below,  settle-in for a 5 minute insight into one clever crafty Wellington home business. Highlight? Nikki welcomes commissions too! How exciting is that?

I’m a big fan of your furniture up-cycling, how did you get into it in the first place?

When we bought our first home we really had no furniture of our own to speak of, so after searching for pieces to fill our home I soon became aware that I was after something a little different.  I like things with character and colour, and if you’ve seen my work this is pretty obvious, second hand pieces also have a story behind them and this is very interesting to me. So buying older furniture items and giving them a modern twist seemed like the natural thing to do.  After doing a few things for our home and completing a course in Interior Design I realised I can’t be the only person looking for these kinds of pieces so I started Revised Edition to share my restyled furniture ideas with everyone.

What’s been your biggest design challenge so far?

It is a constant challenge coming up with new and creative ways to re-style furniture, and it’s a challenge that I enjoy very much.  Once I have created something that is popular that everyone loves then I have to make sure that the next piece is even more amazing than the last. I try and stay true to the style of the furniture and ensure that modern colours and designs fit with the older style pieces.  I do a lot of research into colours, styles, patterns and what is currently available in the furniture world, again this is something that I really enjoy.  My Pinterest is currently out of control!

What do you love most about doing this?

The thing that I love most is standing back and looking at a completed piece and being totally happy and excited about what I have created.  Most of the pieces that I have re-styled did not start out particularly attractive so to see them looking bright and modern is awesome.  I have loved every piece that I have created, they are all things I would have in my home and I have found it extremely difficult to part with them once sold.  The other bonus of this is that our home is an ever-changing showroom of new pieces.  I am constantly moving things around and trying different pieces in different places.  My husband can’t keep up!

What would be your dream piece to work on?

My ideas about what the dream piece is changes all the time.  One thing that I have not tackled yet but is always on my mind is an amazing drinks cabinet/sideboard.  I love everything about Art Deco and would love to get my hands on a cabinet from this era, I have many plans for this particular piece. There are plenty of them around I just have not found the right one yet, but  I am working on it!  I love the idea of the older style cabinet with some bright colour that accentuates all its amazing Art Deco features. This is something that I would love for our home so I imagine it would have to be pried from my possession when it came to selling it!

Do you do commissioned work?

This is a very common question.  If people see one of my pieces that they love but it doesn’t quite fit  their colour scheme then I am happy to work with them to find and create something that suits their decor.  I hunt down and purchase the piece of furniture on behalf of customers and paint it in the desired colour.  I offer advice on colour and design to ensure that we create something that they love.  I have also created replicas of pieces for people that missed out on the original, they are always ever so slightly different but the overall impact is the same.

So there you have it: a new Facebook page to follow for sure, and don’t forget to save Revised Edition as a favourite seller on Trade Me too. Thank you Nikki for your time & sharing your images with us. House Of Ralph wishes you all the best with this! Very impressed indeed. 

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