Paint Dipped Wooden Spoons

Yes. You could definitely live your life without the need for glam cooking utensils.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a room special though, and these make me smile whilst I’m whipping up gourmet treats for the family (ok, or spag bol).  You are faking the paint dipped look by the way, these are just done with good ol’ painter’s tape.

Just remember, once painted these don’t go in the dishwasher ‘mmmkay? If they do, you’ll be repeating this craft. I tested that just for you guys. I’m good like that.

Below are the instructions, which are so simply they are barely warranted:

STEP BY STEP1. Assemble your spoons and choose your colours.  Don’t worry if your spoons are a mix of styles, this will bring them all together as a set. Your personal little brand collection if you will. As for colour choice, go for whatever mood you’re trying to bring into the kitchen. I was going for modern glam, so white and gold was my simple palette. This is already present my kitchen canisters, and in my vintage plate wall too so it’s not like I had to look far and wide for a theme. I love gold and white with the worn wood, but you could go black for a pure scandi look, neons/brights for some instant, even pretty pastels for a country kitchen.

2. Get some decent painters tape. Cut off small strips. Wrap it around the handle of your spoon at varying distances. Remember to smooth down the edges with your nail (or a credit card if you want to be really careful). You don’t want the paint to bleed into the wood.

3. Paint between the tape, leaving some gaps for the wood to show through if you want. I did this, and really love it but likewise, you could re-tape later and paint again so that the handles are only painted colours with no wood. Up to you.

4. Leave the paint to dry

5. Remove tape. Did it work? Yussss. NO? Paint bleed issues?  Don’t panic. This is not the saving the world kinda stuff. There are bigger things to worry about. If it really annoys you, just cheat and the move tape so that you get another chance. Like that? Sneaky huh.

6. Style those puppies up, and smugly adore your clever clogs crafting. Or cook. You know, with your glam spoons.

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