Happy Easter Break Everyone!

It’s nearly here! Easter break is mere hours away, and there’s extra excitement in our house because it also marks the end of term one for schools. I love searching out  little DIYs and crafts to help make holidays a little bit more magical. Easter is no exception. We’ve had talk of where big Mr EB will hide the egg for weeks. Naturally, I searched pinterest for DIY craft basket ideas.

Pinterest can be a wonderful place. On good days it’s an inspiring and helpful friend. On bad days it’s an annoying perfectionist that makes you question why you even care about home decor, DIY and craft. The sheer volume of projects like decoupaged pots (yup) can be very overwhelming.  On those days, I refer to this awesome board for a dose of actual reality. So worth it for a giggle.

In amongst all the OTT-ness of Easter crafts on Pinterest, I discovered Mr Printables which is definitely my new favourite website. That is why I love pinterest: the joy of finding something new and inspiring. Their clever sculpture (pictured above) is refreshingly cool for an Easter craft – I’d happily have it in my house year round – can’t you just see it clustered on a dining room table? Beautiful. The full instructions for the sculpture from Mr Printable are available here. This cute number also caught my eye:


Source: Mr Printables. Click through for the FREE printable. That’s right! They’re good guys, and crazily talented guys by the way: a browse through their website had me so inspired. This giant easter egg colouring page will keep a certain drawing-obsessed girl I know happy for hours. They have puzzles, pop-up board games, and masks too. You totally don’t need the moss-filled egg terrariums with miniature bunnies, no matter how many of them pop up on Pinterest. Honest.

If you are tempted to make your own Easter crafts, here’s my Pinterest Picks: this clever and super-easy paper bag creation, this origami bunny (not so super-easy, but impressive) and this washi tape art idea.

Happy Easter Break everyone, and If you’re using the extra long weekend to kick into some of your own DIY projects, I’d so love to see them. Tag me on instagram (@houseofralph #houseofralphDIY) or post them to my facebook page.

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